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A pet will not care if you have a single or double-story house; they could not care less if you have a luxury car or ride a bicycle, and they don’t judge you for wearing crocodile leather shoes or Crocs. Your pet loves you, no matter what, even if you don’t feed them for a day. That’s the joy of being a pet parent. You get unconditional love! A fluffy, floppy-eared friend that cheers you up in hard times and lifts your spirits when you feel like giving up.

Pets have many positive effects on their owner’s physical and mental health. Pets subtly improve the quality of our lives. People often bring pets into their lives to rescue them from their painful past or shabby circumstances. And these little bundles of joy return the favor ten-fold.

Let’s discuss how pets paint colors in our lives.

They Are Instant Mood Enhancers

Pets, especially dogs, are more attuned to human behaviors and emotions than most animals. Studies have shown that pet owners have a 41% less chance of developing depression than people without pets. Playing with dogs also enhances the human body’s serotonin and dopamine levels (happiness hormones). After all, they fulfill the human need for affection through their actions. Hugging and stroking a pet animal has calming effects in stressful situations.

They Enhance Productivity

Pets keep you distracted from negativity and intrusive thoughts. They occupy your days when you are feeling low and bring them a sense of relief and hope. Human’s first sense of reassurance and affirmation comes from the sense of touch. They make your days productive; feeding them, cleaning after them, and getting them out for sunshine keep your system functioning smoothly. Pets are wicked because they motivate people to get out of their beds and spend time looking after them.

Pets Are Your Lifeline

Did you know pets are not only good for your mental health but also benefit your physical health? One study has shown that pet owners have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure as compared to those who don’t have pets. A person with a history of heart disease can live longer with the help of their pets.

Pets Are Clingy

Pets make your presence known; they make you feel heard, seen, and cared for. They will wag their tail, twirl around you, and make sounds that give a sense of reassurance that they love you. They decrease loneliness and become a safe space for their owners; they act as social and emotional support for pet parents.

They help You in Social Interactions

Did you know? A person going out to walk their dog gets more opportunities to make healthy social interactions than people without dogs. Pets are strong catalysts for social interactions, especially cats and dogs. People often perceive pet parents as more responsible and trustworthy individuals. A study found that people were more likely to help a stranger with a pet as they seemed more reliable.

Pets are the most selfless kind of companions one could ever ask for. They love their owner unconditionally. One example is Master/Pet, a short story from Ted Delgrosso’s compilation of stories, Ted’s Tales.

Master/Pet is a day in the life of a pet parent and his dog, Shadow, his only friend, who wakes him up sweetly and helps him stay productive throughout the day. Catch a glimpse of their shenanigans in Ted’s Tales, a short storybook for adults by Ted Delgrosso.

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