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Climax of a Short StoryShort Story
April 2, 2024

A Writer’s Guide to Climactic Moments: Unraveling the Essence of Short Story Climaxes

Creating a captivating short story requires the inclusion of several elements, but none is as vital as the climax. The climax represents the peak of tension and emotion, where the…
suspense fictionfiction
March 7, 2024

Mastering The Art Of Plotting And Writing Suspense Fiction: A Comprehensive Guide

Suspense fiction captivates readers with its intricate plots, unexpected twists, and heart-pounding tension. From classic mysteries to contemporary thrillers, suspense fiction has a timeless appeal that keeps readers on the…
short story writingShort Story
February 15, 2024

Crafting Compelling Tales: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Short Stories

Short story writing is a highly expressive and accessible medium that allows you to unleash your imagination and convey your thoughts and ideas concisely and impactfully. By incorporating compelling characters,…
February 1, 2024

Unwavering Loyalty: The Timeless Bond Between Humans and Dogs

Dogs, often called "a man's best friend," are known for their unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. Let's take the example of Hachiko, a loyal Akita dog from Japan, who showcases…
February 1, 2024

Navigating Parenthood: Lessons From Missed Opportunities And Current Dilemmas

Parenthood requires constant decision-making, from important choices that affect a child's future to the small decisions of everyday life. Parents face a wide range of decisions, such as selecting the…
How to format a short storyShort Story
January 25, 2024

Formatting 101: A Quick Guide on How to Format a Short Story

Formatting is super important when you're writing a short story. Although seemingly insignificant, proper formatting greatly impacts readability and professionalism. Whether you're a newbie writer or a pro, getting the…
Strongest characters in fictionfiction
January 16, 2024

Mightiest Heroes and Villains: Meet the Strongest Characters in Fiction

In the vast and expansive world of fiction, characters are born with extraordinary strength and abilities that go beyond the limits of human imagination, defying the laws of nature and…
Building Engaging Worlds in Fictionfiction
December 22, 2023

From Concept to Creation: Building Engaging Worlds in Fiction

The Genesis of Ideas Building worlds in fiction begins with nurturing creativity. Authors cultivate a mindset that embraces inspiration from various sources, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish. This…
crafting unique writing styleLiterature
December 20, 2023

Finding Your Literary Identity: Strategies for Crafting a Unique Writing Style

Writing is a form of art that requires a unique voice to stand out in the vast landscape of literature. Every writer embarks on a personal journey to discover their…
Classics vs. Contemporary FictionfictionLiterature
December 19, 2023

The Evolution Of Literature: Classics VS Contemporary Fiction

Within the vast world of literature, there is a never-ending clash between two titans: classics and contemporary fiction. While the classics have stood the test of time with their timeless…
what is transgressive fictionfiction
September 8, 2023

What Is Transgressive Fiction? Top 8 Transgressive Fiction Books To Binge-Read on the Weekend!

Books have always been a reflection of society — The flip side of the coin where you can see what people are capable of if they let their deepest, darkest…
what is contemporary fictionfiction
September 8, 2023

What Is Contemporary Fiction?

Fiction opens a vast world of possibilities; anything you imagine can happen here, from flying dragons to talking cars. Around 52% of children and young adults read fiction. Catering to…
marquez writing styleLiterature
August 24, 2023

Discover Magical Realism In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Writing Style

Literature is filled with remarkable storytellers and philosophers who brought fiction and nonfiction to the place it is today. One of such irreplaceable personalities was the author of the Nobel…
difference between fiction and nonfictionfiction
August 23, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Fiction And Nonfiction Literature?

Books are the best companions one can wish for, all because of the gift of literature. Writing a book is putting the human conscience into words on paper. It is…
iceberg theoryLiterature
August 17, 2023

The Iceberg Theory And Its Importance In Creative Literature

This iceberg looks like a spacious island of snow, enough to house a hundred penguins at least. But is it only what appears on the surface? If you dive into…
August 16, 2023

The Mystery of Spaceships: Do They Really Exist?

Unidentified flying objects, aka UFOs, are a never-ending topic with no definite conclusion. Every person has a different way of explaining it. Some say it’s aliens; some swear it’s spies,…
Pet Parents
July 31, 2023

What Makes Pet Parents So Happy?

A pet will not care if you have a single or double-story house; they could not care less if you have a luxury car or ride a bicycle, and they…
July 31, 2023

Never Miss A Shot! The Dos And Don’ts Of Being A Hunter

Nothing quite matches the sheer adrenaline rush of chasing the elusive buck in the great outdoors. Hunting is not just about gearing up and pulling the trigger; it demands unrivaled…
July 25, 2023

The Importance of What Our Grandparents Teach Us

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often find ourselves swept away by the glamour of current progress. The changing world around us pushes us into a race where…