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A Storytelling Maestro Who Writes Books to Read Before Bed for Grownups.

Ted is a budding fiction author bridging the gap to the past with his nostalgic and thought-provoking stories.

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Ted’s Tales

Get on a journey of adventure and nostalgia with Ted’s Tales. This short story book is a mixture of relatable characters, haunting settings, and unexpected twists. Every story will leave you in a whirlwind of emotions and memories.

There are stories of predators all covered in fur, adventures turning into nightmares, ancient prophecies, and strange creatures adored as pets. Each story is an escape to a different world, a far-fetched reality. Too easy to read, too good to let go.

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Ted’s Tales

Meet Ted Delgrosso

The author of Ted’s Tales and a lifelong resident of Northern New Jersey, Ted Delgrosso has spent four years as a hull technician in damage control in the US Navy. He later earned his bachelor’s from Montclair State University. He is also a part of the Home Depot business for twenty-five years. Ted is a loving husband to Susan and father to two grown children, Diana and David.

Delgrosso’s passion for writing ignited at an early age when he became an active member of the boy scouts and martial arts. His experiences in the summer camp and Navy as an adult fueled his creativity and compelled him to turn his outdoor adventures into exciting stories.

Delgrosso’s calling was always fiction. It allowed him to turn real-life events into exciting stories. He is an enthusiastic advocate of “unlimited creativity.” His expansive imagination as a child has now turned him into a successful author.

Ted Delgrosso’s aim as a fiction author is to entertain his readers with rapid bursts of creative writing. Short stories, if you may, provide an alternative to flipping through hundreds of pages to find the conclusion. They allow us to keep reading even during the most hectic of days. They are a quick but rewarding escape from our worries.

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Ted’s Tales

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Ted’s Tales

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