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Unidentified flying objects, aka UFOs, are a never-ending topic with no definite conclusion. Every person has a different way of explaining it. Some say it’s aliens; some swear it’s spies, while others believe it’s nothing. But the reports tell a different story.

Although the US government states it does not know much about extraterrestrial life beyond Earth and aliens visiting our planets, they are taking steps to investigate these imaginative yet documented sightings by the American public.

Let’s uncover the mystery around spaceships and how much of it is true.

Are Spaceships Real?

Yes, spaceships do exist in our world. Still, unlike the sleek pointy aircraft seen in the movies, astrophysicists use them to transport goods into space. Movie spaceships focus on striking visuals; actual space vessels are designed to maintain sturdy, reliable, and safe vehicles to help humans in their research. However, manufactured spaceships are not the only peculiar aircraft people have seen on Earth.

In multiple occurrences, people have witnessed an Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon (UAP) in the sky. Sadly, none have seen the green pumpkin-head creatures with tentacles exiting these ships.

But the question remains, “Where do these spaceships come from?” “Who do they belong to?” The higher-ups need an explanation of its origin to explain to the public. Some say it can be a high-tech weapon from an enemy country. Still, there is little to no evidence that an adversary can make an aircraft that makes no sound, leaves no record on the radar, and moves faster than fighter jets.

Many professionals in the scientific community believe that spaceships and aliens are potential harm to the Earth. Therefore, militaries are launching investigations and missions to learn more about these entities. While there are many myths and facts surrounding the case of spaceships, there is a strong possibility that intelligent life forms exist beyond our planet, and they have already visited us in their celestial crafts.

Amid all the speculation, a counterargument arises, “Why are we hearing about these sightings only now?” As technology progresses rapidly, it also makes room for forged videos and misleading news. However, all these possibilities cannot deny the existence of extraterrestrial life. Be it seen or unseen, they often catch our eye at the most unexpected moment in the most unexpected ways. Not the boogeyman waiting for you under the bed… something more celestial, intelligent, and keen watching us go by our lives.

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