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Nothing quite matches the sheer adrenaline rush of chasing the elusive buck in the great outdoors. Hunting is not just about gearing up and pulling the trigger; it demands unrivaled marksmanship, unparalleled tracking skills, deep breathing, patience, and resilience. Prepare yourself for the ultimate hunting experience! Hunting is also about not forgetting the importance of safely holding a firearm.

Hunting is a great way of getting some fresh air and exercise. It is an adventure sport that requires all your senses to function at a heightened state, from physical ability to mental fitness and uninterrupted connection to nature.

Hunting is enjoyed in many forms; some like the traditional bow and arrow on a treestand, while others prefer the modern firearm method. Hunting has many natural benefits, like the ethical conservation of wildlife in America.

It’s a craft that takes years to reach perfection. If a hunter is not trained enough or does not maintain focus, they can hurt animals and other fellows present on the hunting grounds. To prevent these mishaps from inflicting permanent damage, a hunter must try some do’s and don’ts before going on the hunting grounds.

Do’s Of Hunting

Follow the Trail

Many animals are strong enough to withstand a single deadly shot. Although it’s common for hunters to miss their shot at first aim, it helps create a blood trail, evidence that your target is close. You can follow this trail to brace yourself and shoot at the precise aim.

Point Muzzle in a Safe Direction

Treat your equipment as if it is always loaded to avoid any unfortunate accident. Monitor its direction at all times and avoid pointing your muzzle at anyone unless it’s a target for hunting. Never point a gun toward your feet; keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Keep the safety on and guard the weapon like your child. Learn first about safe firearm handling.

Always Check the Weather

Having pleasant weather means something other than that it is the ideal climate to hunt some deer. Animals have finely tuned senses; they can change their feeding habits and movement according to wind pressure and temperature. They can sense the barometric pressure and flee safely in approaching storms and windy environments. Therefore, checking the weather conditions before changing into your camo gear is always a good idea.

Bring Basic First Aid

A little scrape or bruise is nothing unusual in the great outdoors. Yet, neglecting to heal your injury? That’s simply mind-boggling! Please don’t leave it untreated, folks! It can give birth to many infections and other invasive diseases like tetanus and muscle injuries. Make sure to add a first aid kit to your hunting gear, along with some pain relievers.

Wearing Blaze Orange is a Must

Getting shot by another hunter on the ground is the biggest fear of hunters. Although camo clothing is a perfect combination for game hunting, it can make you susceptible to many dangerous injuries. Instead, you can wear blaze orange to be recognized by other hunting fellows.

Don’ts of Hunting

Don’t Trust Your Hunting Tool Unthinkingly

Practice shooting with your firearm, crossbow, or whatever equipment you’re using before aiming at your real target. Try using the arrows and ammo you will be operating from different proximities and angles. If you cannot hit the practice shots perfectly, continued training is better than venturing into the hunting grounds unprepared.

Aiming Randomly

There is always a sweet spot on animals that allows hunters to hunt ethically without inflicting pain. Study these aims on different animals before invading the hunting grounds. One silly mistake and poor aiming can render the animal’s meat useless. These sweet spots vary in position depending on the angles and equipment used to make a shot.

Don’t Shoot Unless You’re Ready

Deer fever (yes, it is real!) can turn your brain off and paralyze your ability to take immediate action. And sometimes, it makes you rush your shot even when you are not holding the gun properly. Avoid both scenarios and swiftly adjust yourself to make the right call at the right moment.

Not Loading the Gun Before Taking the Position

As silly as it sounds, many hunters get so deluded by their target that they forget the most basic hunting requirement: loading the ammo. It would be an utter disappointment to finally find the perfect aim on the deer, only to find out that your gun is empty.

Don’t Run

If you think running at the hunting grounds will help you catch the game, you are wrong. It will only make you feel like your heart will explode from your ribcage. Although it’s not a conventional stealth game, walking at a medium pace helps hunters swiftly conserve their energy for shooting targets.

Hunting has pros and cons. The gear is expensive, and enjoying the experience depends on physical and mental fitness. In his short story, The Shot, Ted Delgrosso explains the preparation, time, and energy that goes into hunting. The show narrates the story of a hunter and his encounter with a soon-to-be-his-meal venison. Ted’s Tales is a collection of adult short stories; it combines horrors, humor, and mystery to keep you engaged during tea times and bedtimes.

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